Configure Academy's Email Templates

Use email templates to maintain consistent messaging across your programs.


Utilise Academy’s email templates across all programs or customise them within individual programs to tailor the way communication is handled.


A key part of learning is related to effective communication and engagement with the learners and key stakeholders of the platform. Using email templates or setting up custom emails will ensure that communication is kept consistent and effectively managed across all programs.


To edit portal-level email templates:

  1. Access Portal Settings
  2. Choose the “Email” section in the menu on the left-hand side
  3. Begin to edit email templates as required.


Email Variables

Email variables are used to insert information that is unique to either a user or a program. For example, a learner’s name.

The variables available for each email can be found at the bottom of each template.

Ensure that you copy the variable exactly when inserting it into the email.



Customising Program Emails

If you do not wish to use the standard template for a program, you can customise all emails on a program by program basis:

  1. Edit the program you wish to customise the emails for
  2. Choose the Email section on the left hand side
  3. Edit the email and choose the Customised Email option