Program Settings - Email Settings

Send emails and nudges to users to prompt interactivity


The email function allows you to send emails and nudges to users to prompt different things. It’s a great function to use to keep learners engaged and to remind them of program deadlines.

There are two types of emails for a program:

  • system emails - these relate to program enrolments

  • nudges - these are emails designed to engage learners with the program by alerting them to a new post or comment


You can edit any email, by choosing Edit. Note the following:

  • Enabled toggle - use this to enable or disable the email.

  • Variables - Variables allow you to insert variable text into an email, for example, the learner’s name of the program name. Copy the variable using the copy icon, and paste into your emails.


Settings allow you to customise the email from name and the reply to address, email header, and email footer. Keep your branding consistent across your emails by editing these settings. These can also be set by default in the Portal Settings.

Templates & Copy

For any copied program, the content of the emails (subject, body etc.) will be copied as well.

For any new program, the content of the emails (subject, body etc.) will be copied from your Academy platform templates. You can find these in the Portal Settings.


Below is a brief description of each program email and when it can be sent.



Account Creation and Program Enrolment: Action Required – Sent to a new user when they are added to a program via Class List.

A new user (who has never had an Academy account before) must confirm their registration via the link in this email. The user status is Pending until they submit the registration form using the link included in the email.

Enrolment Confirmation (new user account) - Sent to a user to confirm their Academy registration and program enrolment.

This is a courtesy confirmation email sent after the user has submitted the registration form using the link from the Account Creation email. We recommend using this email to remind learners of their username and the URL.

Enrolment Confirmation (existing user account) - New program enrolment email sent to a user who already has a platform account.

This email is sent to a user who already has an Academy account (eg. if they have participated in a different Academy program already) when they are enrolled in a new Academy program. We recommend welcoming them to the program and reminding them of the platform URL, their username, and a suggestion to use the forgotten password link if they can’t remember their password.

New comment on task - Sent when a user comments on the submitted task.

This email is sent when a program participant has submitted a new comment on a program task or activity and the user has opted in to Comment emails.

New post email - Sent to the whole class when new post has been submitted

If you have enabled Posts & Announcements in your program, then this is the email that will be sent when a new post is submitted and the option to send the post as an email has been enabled.