Using the Learning Canvas - Program Requirements

What are the organisational requirements for the learning program, and what constraints will you need to allow for.

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Document the program requirements

Are there any organisational or practical requirements that you need to consider when designing your learning program?


Before you begin to create your learning program, ensure you understand any organisational requirements or constraints that may have an impact on the program design and delivery.

This includes things like the technical environment, business operational practicalities around delivery, initial versus ongoing delivery, program sustainability, content customisation, modularity of the program, and ongoing maintenance.


Document the organisational requirements and constraints in the Learning Canvas:

  1. Open the Program Requirements section of the Learning Canvas by clicking on the yellow Requirements icon.

  2. Add your program requirements using the +Add Requirement button.

Here are some examples of requirements and constraints you may need to consider:

  • How will the program be delivered? eg. using an LMS? Which LMS? What content formats does the LMS support?

  • Is the learning self-paced or more structured? Is there a phased approach to delivery?

  • Do learners have any technical constraints in terms of their access to computers/devices, internet access etc.

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