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Guroo.Pro Catalogue / Learning Library
The Guroo.Pro Catalogue (or Learning Library) is an easy solution for employee training in your organisation.
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The Guroo.Pro Catalogue features a range of ready-to-go learning programs across a variety of topics for organisation-based training. These interactive and engaging eLearning courses include topics like online compliance, data security, harassment training, and remote work and can easily be copied and adapted to suit your organisation.


These ready-to-go modules are total time savers and require very little design experience. All you need to do is select the program you wish to use and adapt. Each program comes with questions, real-world scenarios, and feedback.


Guroo.Pro license holders can access the Catalogue through the Guroo.Pro homepage. Choose the program you wish to use, and your theme and select copy. All you need to do now is edit the content to make it relevant to your organisation.

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