Stream your learning content to an LMS via a SCORM 1.2 wrapper and unlock the power of learning data.
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ANALYTICS is an in-depth data streaming and analysis platform that puts control over your data and content at your fingertips.

With ANALYTICS, you'll have the tools and information you need to build multi-platform, learner-centred experiences.

What can you do with ANALYTICS?

  • Measure learning outcomes with multiple KPIs

  • Create personalised learning plans based on pre-assessments

  • Evaluate learning effectiveness with learner confidence dashboards

  • Identify common misconceptions

  • Incorporate learner action plans into your learning

  • Use refresher training to measure learning utilisation

  • Add surveys directly into your learning using reflective questions

  • Continuously improve your learning programs by gaining insight into possible friction points.

  • Conduct leadership style self-assessments


By publishing your learning content as a SCORM 1.2 compliant "wrapper" or "connector", you are connecting Guroo.Pro to your LMS.

Your module content will be streamed to your LMS, instead of being packaged up and exported.

Benefits of streaming:

  • When you need to make an edit or change to your learning module, you just republish it in Guroo.Pro. There's no need to download the package again and upload it to your LMS again.

  • You can block access to your learning content from Guroo.Pro. If you have distributed or licensed your learning content to third parties, you can remove their access at any time.

  • You can distribute the same module to multiple audiences or LMS's. When you edit or update the content and republish, it will be updated in all versions.

  • COMING SOON TO STREAMING: Deliver your content anywhere - without an LMS.

In addition to streaming the content, SCORM wrappers allow us to collect learner interaction data from the modules and store it in Guroo.Pro, so that it's available to you in reports.

Benefits of collecting learning interaction data:

  • Track learner module completions, and screen by screen progress.

  • Measure learner capability using multiple KPIs, with a separate score for each KPI.

  • Include self-assessments in your learning that measure multiple soft skill "indicators", like communication skills, leadership skills, and management skills.

  • Use KPIs or Indicators in "pre-assessments" and use the learner's results to create a personalised learning plan.

  • Identify common misconceptions using in-depth question data.

  • Include surveys in your learning.

  • Incorporate action plans into your learning by asking short response questions throughout the learning. The learner's responses can then be collected into a single, exportable plan pdf.

  • Measure the success of your learning using confidence, satisfaction and/or Net Promoter Score (NPS) ratings.

  • Continuously improve your learning programs by gaining insight into possible friction points.

NOTE: if learner privacy is a concern, all ANALYTICS data can be anonymised.



Below are just a few of the "out of the box" reports that are available for any ANALYTICS module:

Completion Tracking

Capability/KPI/Score Data

Question Data


Net Promoter Score (NPS)

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