Program Settings - Details Tab

Enable/disable program settings to personalise your own program experience.


Program settings allow you to configure your program. We will go through each of the Settings tabs so you can comfortably navigate the settings page.

Details Tab


On the Details tab, you can set:

Program Title

Displays on the home page, banner, catalogue etc.

Program Path / Program URL

These two settings are related. The program path must be unique. It is appended to the end of the program URL.


Active, Draft, Archived or Cancelled. Active is the only status which allows a program to be visible to participants.

From / To Dates

The start date/time and finish date time for blended, virtual or face to face programs. The dates are optional - for example, if the program is self-paced, start and end dates are not relevant.

Delivery Mode

Virtual, Blended, face to face, Self-Paced. This setting is used for display purposes in the Catalogue.

Lock Classroom

Enabling this toggle will allow you to set a date and time from which the program materials become available to participants. If you enrol participants BEFORE this date/time, the participants will be able to complete the Onboarding only. On completion of the Onboarding, learners will receive the locked message enabled by this toggle.

Access Close

Enabling this toggle will allow you to set a date and time from which the program materials are no longer available for the participants to access after the completion of the program. For example, three months after the program finishes, you may wish to remove participant access.

Limit Seats

Enabling this toggle will allow you to limit the number of participants in the learning program.

Program Code / Reference Code

The Program Code / Reference Code fields can be used to support integration between platforms. For example, a Program Code from a CRM or financial system can be stored in Academy’s Program Settings and used in reports and integrations to assist in keeping data synchronised between multiple systems.

Program Tags & Categories

Used to categories and organisae your programs. Read more about these here.