Program Enrolment Statuses Explained

Use enrolment status to ensure participants have the appropriate access to a program.


Every program within Academy offers three enrolment statuses. Each of these statuses are described below.


Users with the “Enrolled” status are active participants in the program.

These users and their data will be collected for reporting purposes.


Users with the “Observer” enrolment status are able to view the program but are not considered active participants.

Observers are not expected to complete the program; their activity access and progress do not appear in the program dashboards; their task submissions also do not display to other participants.

We suggest using the Observer status for Program Facilitators and Coordinators.


Users with the “Withdrawn” enrolment status no longer have access to the program and are removed from the program dashboard reports.


Assign a participant to any enrolment status by:

  1. Open the program in which the learner is enrolled in
  2. Go to Class List
  3. Open the profile of the person whose status you want to change
  4. Open the Enrolment tab
  5. Use the small arrow to open the drop-down that will update their role