Add a Badge or Micro-credential to your program

Add Credly acclaimed badges or micro-credentials for learners to achieve upon completion of a program.


Academy has its own badge functionality and also integrates with Credly Acclaim to award badges on completion of a program.

Credly’s digital badging platform enables you to design and issue badges, includes enterprise-class functionality to scale and manage programs, and enhanced analytics to measure success.

Read more about integrating with Credly Acclaim here.

When creating a new badge in Academy, you have the option to link it to a Credly Acclaim badge. If you link an Academy badge to a Credly Acclaim badge, then both badges will be awarded to the learner on completion of a program.

Adding a badge to a program

In order to add a badge to your program you will need to:

  1. Edit the Program

  2. Go to Program Settings,

  3. Open the Badges tab,

  4. Choose Add Badge

  5. Create a new badge, or select from the available created badges

  6. Choose when the badge should be awarded to participants: Either Manually (an administrator will need to manually award the badge to a participant) or on Completion of the Program (as soon as all tasks and activities in the program are complete, the badge will be issued automatically to the participant)

Manually awarding a badge to a participant

If you choose to manually award badges to participants, you can do this by:

  1. Go to the Class List

  2. Open the participant’s profile

  3. Access the “Badge” tab

  4. Then, issue the badge.