Bulk User Archive

Learn how to archive multiple users simultaneously through the bulk archive feature.


Much like the bulk withdraw feature available from within programs, the bulk user archive and the bulk user import allow for users to be either added or archived, in a bulk manner.

The Bulk Archive tool changes the Portal Status of users from Active to Archived. Users with the Archived status will not be able to access Academy.

Examples of when you might change a user’s status to Archived include:

  • Terminated employees who should no longer be able to access Academy
  • Ex-members who are no longer eligible to access your Academy platform


To bulk archive users follow the steps below.

  1. Open User Admin
  2. Click into Bulk Archive tab
  3. Download the csv template file
  4. Fill out template with learner data of users who are to be archived. Note, it's not necessary to include the entire user's profile data - first name, last name and email address is all that is required.
  5. Upload the template file
  6. Press Upload CSV File button
  7. The user who initiated the bulk archive will be emailed the outcome of the archive. You can also check the archive status and results via the Logs tab.

Note: No email notifications are sent to archived users.