Bulk User Import

Learn how to create and update multiple user accounts simultaneously through the bulk import feature.


Much like the bulk enrol feature available within programs, the bulk user archive and bulk user import allow for users to be either added, updated, or removed, in bulk.



To Bulk Import users follow the steps below.

  1. Open User Admin
  2. Choose the Bulk Import tab from he left menu
  3. Download the CSV template file
  4. Fill out the template with learner data of users who are to be imported
  5. Upload the template file
  6. Press the Upload CSV File button

The user who initiated the bulk import will be emailed the outcome of the import. You can also check the import status and results via the Logs tab.


When using the Bulk Import feature, please note the following:

  • Existing users will be identified by their email address or the value in the External User ID field (if enabled). If the upload file includes a user record that matches an existing user account, the user data for the existing user will be UPDATED.
  • If an existing user is not found, a new user account will be CREATED.
  • Note also the instructions at the bottom of the import screen relating to the Welcome Emails and default Portal Status.