Dashboard Reports

What are dashboard reports and what can they tell me?


Academy’s Dashboard includes reports that show:

  • Program progress

  • Digital Experience/module interactions

Program Progress Report

The Program Progress Report shows the status of all activities in your program for all participants:

Digital Experience Report

The Digital Experience Report is an in-depth report showing activity, progress and question responses within a module/experience imported from Guroo.Pro.

To view different experiences/modules, choose from the drop down in the report header.

Dashboard Reports1

The Digital Experience Report has four different tabs which show:


Progress for the individual screens within a Guroo.Pro experience, as well as progress for the experience overall (this is shown in the header bar). The numbers indicate the number of people in each status:

  • grey numbers = not started

  • yellow numbers = in progress

  • green numbers = complete

Click on the numbers to see the list of people in each status.

Scores & KPIs

Scores and outcomes, where the experience has a score. The chart shows:

  • the scoring benchmarks (these are set inside the Experience Settings in Guroo.Pro)

  • the number and percentage of people whose score fell within each benchmark

  • the high, low and average score

  • individual scores for participants

The scores and and KPIs are split into two:

  • All Outcomes in the left of screen

  • Outcomes in my Group in the right of screen

This allows you to use the report filters for comparison purposes. The filter is in the top right corner of the report header:

By choosing a user profile filter, you can compare the outcomes from the entire cohort (on the left) with the outcomes in your group (on the right), as defined by one of the user attributes in your user profile, for example, department or faculty.


The People section of the report shows the progress of individual participants. Filter by not started, in progress or complete.

The record for complete participants shows:

  • their start and completion date

  • their score

  • a link to their transcript, which shows the responses the participant selected/submitted for each question in the experience.


The Questions section of the report shows a graphical representation of the number of times each question response has been selected by this cohort of participants.

Red indicates the incorrect response.

Green indicates the correct response.

Reflective questions (with no correct or incorrect answer) are shown in blue.