Dashboard Reports: Digital Experience Report


Academy’s Dashboard includes reports that show:

  • Program progress (hyperlink)

  • Experience/module interactions


Collecting learner data into interpretable information is often a difficult task, however with the help of Academy’s program dashboard sifting through learner responses, program progress and scores allows managers and program facilitators to obtain deeper insight into how their learners are performing.

Digital Experience Report

The Experience Report is an in-depth report showing activity, progress and question responses within a module/experience imported from Guroo.Pro.

To view different experiences/modules, choose from the drop-down in the report header.

Dashboard Reports- Digital Experience Report1

The digital experience report has four different tabs which show:


Progress for the individual screens within a Guroo.Pro experience, as well as progress for the experience overall (this is shown in the header bar). The numbers indicate the number of people in each status:

  • grey numbers = not started

  • yellow numbers = in progress

  • red numbers = failed

  • green numbers = complete

Click on the numbers to see a list of people in each status.

Scores & KPI

Scores and outcomes, where the experience has a score. The chart will show:

  • Percentage of learners who have been deemed to be unsuccessful, have earned a passing grade, or those learners who have obtained a high score.

  • Outlier scores

  • Median score

  • Quartile scores

Below the chart exists the opportunity to view individual learner results and the quartile in which they fall.

The desired benchmark for the obtainable scores can be set from within the module itself to be displayed in the dashboard report, in the example above we can see that learners who score between 0-60% are unsuccessful, between 60-75% earns a passing grade, and those scores higher than 75% can earn a higher grade to showcase their expertise in the field.

Furthermore, modules/experiences can have multiple scores and results which can all be displayed in the Digital Experience report.


The People section of the report shows the progress of individual participants. Filter by not started, in progress or complete.

The record for complete participants shows:

  • Learner’s start and completion date

  • A learner’s score

  • Number of attempts made

  • Days & Hours in progress

  • A link to the learner's individual transcript, which shows the responses the participant selected/submitted for each question in the experience.


The Questions section of the report shows a graphical representation of the number of times each question response has been selected by this cohort of participants.

  • Red indicates the incorrect response.

  • Yellow indicates a close response

  • Green indicates the correct response.

  • Reflective questions (with no correct or incorrect answer) are shown in blue.

This information can then be used to provide insight into learners' common misconceptions and learning gaps that may exist within the program.

Exporting Reporting Data

To export the learner progress report for the experience as a whole,

  1. Open desired program

  2. Head to dashboard

  3. Open the “digital experience report” tab

  4. Access the “people” sub-tab

  5. Filter by the type of learners required

    • Not Started

    • In Progress

    • Failed

    • Completed

    • All

  6. Export to CSV

Dashboard Reports- Digital Experience Report2