Dashboard Reports: Program Progress

What are dashboard reports, how users can access them, and what they tell the user.


Academy’s Dashboard includes reports that show:

  • Program progress

  • Experience/module interactions(hyperlink)


Collecting learner data into interpretable information is often a difficult task, however with the help of Academy’s program dashboard sifting through learner responses, program progress and scores allows managers and program facilitators to obtain deeper insight into how their learners are performing.


To navigate to the program dashboard and find this information:

  1. Open desired program,

  2. Open “Dashboard” on the upper-right hand side of the screen.

Program Progress Report

Use this dashboard to observe the average time spent on each screen and a breakdown of the total number of learners who have completed or are still completing any given activity or section as a whole.

Exporting Reporting Data

To export learner progress within individual pages:

  1. Open desired program,

  2. Head to dashboard,

  3. Click into the desired section,

  4. Press the export to CSV button.

Dashboard Reports- Program Progress1