Enabling LinkedIn Features - login, badge sharing & groups

Use Academy's LinkedIn features to support your participant's ongoing engagement with their cohort and to promote your courses.


As the world's world's largest professional network, Academy integrates with LinkedIn in order to support ongoing relationships between participants, even after their program is complete. There are multiple integration points, and this article will touch on each, and how to set them up.

Enabled LinkedIn Single Sign On (SSO)

Enable LinkedIn Single Sign On so that your audience can create an Academy account connected to their LinkedIn account and so that they can sign in (without entering a username and password) using LinkedIn.

To enable LinkedIn SSO, please contact Guroo Learning at support@guroolearning.com


Enable Sharing of Guroo Badges on LinkedIn

Participants who earn Guroo Badges on completion of their course can now share their badge on LinkedIn. This feature is primarily intended for customers who do not integrate with Credly Acclaim.

To enable sharing, go to Portal Settings > Badges, and choose the Enable Social Badges option:


For each of your badges, you will need to enable the Share badge on LinkedIn option by editing the badge. For information on how to add/edit badges, follow this link.


Once enabled, this Share on LinkedIn button will display on the participant badge profile:


Once a participant has shared their badge on LinkedIn, other LinkedIn users will be able to click on that badge and link back to a public page displaying information about the course the person completed and any other related courses you offer.

The page they link to will look something like this:


LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups offer an opportunity for cohorts to continue their association and engagement with fellow participants after their program is complete. Participants join the group via the Onboarding or the Community.

Platform Administrators or Program Learning Designers will need to create the LinkedIn Group. Instructions for creating a LinkedIn Group can be found here.

Once the Group is created, you can make it available for participants to join in the Program Onboarding and the Community:




Add your LinkedIn Group details by following these instructions:

1. Open the Program that you want to add your Group to.  

2. Go to Program Settings > Integrations.

3. Add the URL and QR Code that participants use to join the LinkedIn Group.


NOTE: To get your LinkedIn Group URL and QR Code, follow these instructions.