Introduction to Learning Pathways

An introduction to learning pathways within Academy, use this guide to assist in preparing learning pathways for your own learners.


Pathways allow you to combine a number of programs into a larger learning journey for learners to complete. This ensures that over the course of a pathway, learners are completing the required programs/courses, whilst simultaneously offering the learners an opportunity to go over further recommended/optional programs that will strengthen their overall skills.

Pathways are created using program badges. Earning badges allows the learner to progress through the pathway. The learner can earn a badge by completing any program/course to which that badge has been attached.

Read more about creating badges and attaching them to programs/courses.



To set up a new Learning Pathway:

  1. From your Home screen, click on the Program Admin tab
  2. Choose Pathways from the left hand side menu
  3. Select the Add Pathway button
  4. Give your pathway a name and URL Path
  5. Begin structuring your pathway

You can add multiple topics and programs within these topics, and also space your pathway with levels.

Much like Academy's program section settings, Pathways also have progression and availability settings for each level.

There are three types of progression:

  • Open Navigation - participants can complete the tasks/activities in the section in any order they choose
  • Linear Navigation - participants must complete the tasks/activities in the section in the order they are displayed.
  • First, Any - participants must complete the first task before being able to achieve remaining badges in any order.

There are also four different types of availability:

  • Available - This setting will allow for participants to view and complete prepared levels and programs.
  • Locked - Choosing this setting will lock your level to prevent access from participants, this can be helpful if pathways which are already running need to have further content added, allowing portal admins to lock levels until they have been completely prepared.
  • If the previous level is complete - As the availability rule states, this setting will only become available to participants, if participants have been able to complete the previous levels required content.
  • Specific Time - This setting will allow for portal admins to set a desired date and time for which the level will become available.

The example below is an example of open progression, as displayed to the participant. The activities within this pathway can be accessed in any order the participants choose.