Introduction to Pages and Sections

Pages and Sections are the foundation to your program's structure, learn more here!


Pages and Sections are key to creating your program’s structure. Pages form the main navigation through a program. Pages are made up of Sections, and the Section Types drive the learning activities included on each Page.


  • Pages form the navigation on the left side of the screen. Pages can include multiple Sections.
  • Sections are groups of tasks/activities that make up the page. Sections have Types, Availability rules, and Progression rules which help you structure your program and guide the learning journey.
  • Dividers can be used to add more structure to the left menu, thus giving further direction to learners who are completing learning programs to understand what the separated pages of the learning are related to.

All Sections have a mandatory Title and an optional Description. Sections have several other properties depending on their Type. Read more about:

  • Section Types
  • Section Availability
  • Section Progression


Create Pages, Sections and Dividers by editing your program and selecting the Add Page / Divider OR Add Section buttons.