Introduction to the Program Catalogue

Use Academy’s catalogue to showcase and sell upcoming programs.


Academy’s catalogue can be used to promote and/or sell your suite of learning programs. The Academy catalogue is available publicly (that is, users can view the catalogue without logging in) and integrates with the Stripe payment gateway.

Users can register, enrol and pay for their chosen program via the Academy catalogue.



Programs in the catalogue each have a listing page, which provides information:

  • About the program
  • How participants will learn
  • What learners will be learning
  • Their learning journey
  • Any points or certificates they are able to earn by completing the program
  • The start/finish dates and price of all upcoming cohorts of the program
  • The price of the program, including any time-based pricing, like “early-bird” specials

The Academy catalogue is organised and searchable in several different ways:

  • Program listings can be browsed by category
  • Programs are searchable by using price, location, category and date filters
  • Programs can be browsed by Start Date.


To access Academy’s catalogue click the Catalogue button in the menu across the top of the screen.

To enable and set up the Catalogue, go to Program Admin > Catalogue Settings.