Platform User Roles

Use Academy's roles to manage user permissions.


Platform User Roles in Academy should not be confused with Program Roles. 

Platform User Roles determine a user’s permissions across the entire Academy platform. Program Roles (Learner, Facilitator, Coach Coordinator) determine a user’s permissions within specific programs. You can read more about Program Roles here.

Academy offers 3 default Platform User Roles to choose from, System Admin, Portal Admin, and Users. Each role has a unique level of permissions which separates them from each other, these permissions include:


Users have the most basic level of permissions. Users with this role will only be able to view the programs they have been enrolled into.

Portal Admin

Portal Admin’s have the next tier of permissions allocated to them, users with the Portal Admin role will be able to do everything that users can do with the addition of being able to manage users and programs, manage catalogue settings, pathways and badges, and have access to specific reports.

System Admin

System Admins have the highest tier of permissions allowing them full control over the portal, with the ability to manage programs and users, access to all reports, and access to the system configuration settings.


You can add more roles if you need them. Go to:

  1. Portal Settings
  2. Roles (in the left menu)
  3. Add Role


If specific users need a unique set of permissions, you can also create a custom role, specifically for them, instead of creating a portal role. Read how here.

Changing a User's Platform Role

User roles can be changed after users have been invited to Academy, as the default role for new users is ‘User’ this can be changed by following the steps below.

To edit an existing user's role:

  1. Open User Admin

  2. Search for and edit the user's profile

  3. Adjust the user's role, via the Role drop-down, this field can be found under the users' profile picture. (You must be editing the profile to view the field.)