Platform User Statuses

Understand what the different user status mean, and how to adjust these statuses for platform users.


Academy offers three different user statuses for users:

  • Active
  • Archived
  • Pending

These should not be mistaken for the program enrolment status (Enrolled / Withdrawn / Observer), where the program enrolment status dictates a user’s access to a specific program.

The platform user status determines whether a user can log in to Academy.


It is important to make use of and understand the different user statuses which are available.

The Active user status is used for users who have permission to log into Academy. This includes, learners, coaches, facilitators, and portal administrators.

The Archived status is used for users who no longer require access to the platform. This could be users who are no longer part of the organisation.

Finally, the pending status is reserved for users who have been invited to the platform though have not yet accepted their invitation. These users will remain in a pending status until their invitation is accepted.


To adjust a users status, use the following steps;

  1. Open User Admin
  2. Search for the relevant user
  3. Edit the user's profile
  4. Make the required adjustment to the users portal status, this field can be found under the users profile picture.
  5. Click Done to save changes made.

NOTE: If you choose, you can change a user’s status from Pending to Active.

HOWEVER, because they have not accepted their Academy invitation, they have not had the opportunity to set a password, and so will not be able to log in.

To manage this, the user can either:

  • Use Single Sign On (if enabled)

  • Use Google Sign-In (if enabled)

  • Use the Forgotten Password link on the home screen to set their own password

  • Or, you can set a temporary password for the user, which they will be prompted to change when they log in.