What is the Portfolio and how is it used?


The Portfolio collates all of a participant's submissions for a program (learning module transcripts, activity submissions etc) into one place. It gives the participant the opportunity to print these submissions, which is especially useful when a participant is unlikely to be a regular visitor to your instance of Academy, or if you want to close access to the program after a period of time.


Enable the Portfolio via the Program Settings.

Academy Activities

To include Academy activities in the Portfolio, you must enable this toggle in the activity settings:

Guroo.Pro Digital Experiences

The transcripts for all Guroo.Pro digital experiences will display in the Academy Portfolio. Transcripts include the participant’s responses to all questions in the experience.

You can remove a question from either the Academy reports or the Academy Portfolio using these toggles in Guroo.Pro. The toggles are available in all Guroo.Pro question objects.