Program Roles and Access

Assign team members the appropriate roles to provide different levels of permissions.


Each program in Academy has 4 roles. Permissions for each of these roles are described below.


Access the program content and complete activities as a program participant.


Program/Content Access

  • access the program content and complete activities

  • access “locked” sections of the program that are not yet available to the program participants

  • add new Resources

User/Class Participant Access

  • view the class list (including user profiles, program transcripts etc.)

  • add new learners/participants to the program

  • add learners to Groups

Reporting and Class Activity Access

  • view reporting dashboards that have been made available to the Facilitator role

  • view learning objectives, including participant/learner objective ratings

  • view and comment on learner submissions to activities and tasks

Posts & Announcements

  • create new posts/announcements

  • pin posts/announcements to the program home page

  • delete posts/announcements


Coaches or mentors have a special role in Academy. Participants can nominate a coach to support them throughout the course. There are different levels of coach involvement, depending on the nature of the course. 

You can read more about Coaches here.


All permissions available to Facilitators are also available to Coordinators.

In addition, Coordinators have full edit access to the program content and settings.


Assign a participant to the Learner, Facilitator or Coordinator roles by:

  1. Go to Class List
  2. Use the small arrow on the right side of the Class List to open the drop down that will update their role


To add a Coach to a program, go to the Coach tab in the left menu of the Class List and choose the Add Coach button in the top right corner.
When adding the Coach's user details, you will be prompted to select the learner that the new user will be the Coach of. This creates the link between the Learner and their Coach.