Program Settings - Badges Tab

Add badges or micro-credentials for learners to achieve upon completion of a program.


Academy has its own badge functionality and also integrates with Credly Acclaim to award badges on completion of a program.

Credly’s digital badging platform enables you to design and issue badges, includes enterprise-class functionality to scale and manage programs, and enhanced analytics to measure success.

Read more about integrating with Credly Acclaim here.

If you don't have a Credly Acclaim account, use Academy's native badge feature to award badges on completion of a program.

Adding a badge to a program

In order to add a badge to your program you will need to:

  1. Edit the Program
  2. Go to Program Settings
  3. Open the Badges tab
  4. Choose Add Badge
  5. Create a new badge, or select from your existing list of badges
  6. Choose when the badge should be awarded to participants: Either Manually (an administrator will need to manually award the badge to a participant) or on Completion of the Program (as soon as all tasks and activities in the program are complete, the badge will be issued automatically to the participant)

Badge assign to program

Manually awarding a badge to a participant

If you choose to manually award badges to participants, you can do this by:

  1. Go to the Class List
  2. Open the participant’s profile
  3. Access the Badge tab
  4. Then, issue the badge.