Program Settings - Coaching

An introduction to coaching within Academy, with a guide on how to set up coaching in your own programs.


Coaches or mentors have a special role in Academy. Participants can nominate a coach to support them throughout the course. There are different levels of coach involvement, depending on the nature of the course. 

  • For the lightest touch, coaches are invited to Academy and given access to a dashboard that allows them to monitor the participant’s progress.
  • As an extra layer, you can also attach a Coaching Guide to the invitation email and create a specific Coach Onboarding to help coaches understand how best to support the participant.
  • And finally the greatest level of coach involvement can include completing diagnostics of the participant’s current capability and assessing the tasks submitted by the participant as part of the course.


Coaching within programs can be activated from within the Coaching tab when setting up a program. Here, coordinators can adjust the way coaches are assigned, from being assigned by coordinators/facilitators to being nominated by learners, or alternatively having them be automatically assigned.

Coach assignment types

Assigned by Coordinator or Facilitator only

Choosing this setting will make it the responsibility of program coordinators/facilitators to ensure that learners have coaches assigned to them for coach-enabled programs.

Auto Assigned

This setting will allow the portal to automatically assign learners to available coaches within the same program.

Learner Nominated

This setting allows for learners to nominate their desired coach to assist them with their progression over the course of the program. Learners will be prompted to nominate their desired coach during the completion of the program onboarding either by providing the coach's name & email, or simply by searching for the coach within the program.

Enabling Coaching

To enable coaching for programs, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Coaching Tab (Left-hand side)
  2. Enable coaching (by switching the radio button)
  3. Set up coach assignment as desired via the drop-down menu
  4. Decide what coaches can do within the program
  5. Add coaches via the coach tab inside the class list


Coach Onboarding

For coach-enabled programs, if coach onboarding is also enabled coaches will be presented with an additional screen when completing the onboarding. Program designers can use this space to provide context surrounding the responsibilities of coaches within the program, and will also have the opportunity to provide a coaching guide for coaches to follow when assessing their learners.

Read more about setting up Program Onboarding here.

Coach Dashboard

Coaches have access to a home page dashboard. Most of the coach's responsibilities can be achieved from this dashboard. Here coaches can see which programs they have coaching responsibilities for, the progress of their learners as well as actionable tasks which require their input such as Diagnostics and graded program tasks.