Program Settings - Configuration Tab

The Configuration tab in Program Settings allows you to control most of your program's features.

The Configuration tab allows you to control most of your program's features. Enable or disable the settings that are most appropriate to your program.


In the Configuration tab, you can set:

Region / Time Zone

This is important if your program includes any face to face or virtual sessions.

Calendar Invitations

Attach calendar invitations to your enrolment emails. This includes calendar invites for any virtual or face to face sessions.

Program Banner

Appears on the Program home page.

Catalogue Thumbnail / Catalogue Description

Appears on the platform home page and catalogue.

Other Toggles:

  • Dashboards (for reporting)
  • Calendar (for programs with sessions and/or multiple progressive due dates)
  • Community (where it is appropriate for participants to share their details with other participants if they choose)
  • Portfolio (giving the participant the option of generating a printable artefact of their work throughout the program)
  • Actions (decommissioned)
  • Resources (enabling a central repository of all documents, diagrams, links and videos used throughout the program)
  • Program Homepage (usually enabled, but can be disabled if your program is short with a very small number of activities)
  • Task Feed (enables a menu option which shows a feed of submitted tasks)
  • Comments/Discussion Feed (enables a menu option which shows a feed of submitted comments. When toggled, the option to also enable learner created discussion becomes available)
  • Dietary Report (used in Face to Face programs to generate a report of dietary preferences (collected during the onboarding) for catering purposes)
  • Onboarding (enables the Onboarding feature)
  • Inbox (when toggled on the inbox provides program facilitators and coordinators quick and easy access to learner responses on diagnostic activities that have been set up within the program)
  • Program Homepage (This series of toggles, allows the program homepage to be hidden/viewable from the different user roles)