Program Settings - Price Tab

Set a price for programs that can be purchased via Academy's catalogue.


If you're using Academy's catalogue to sell and promote programs, then you will need to set a price for the program. To do this:

  • Academy's catalogue must be enabled
  • Academy must be integrated with payment gateway Stripe, so that you can take credit card payments - contact Guroo Learning to find out how to integrate Stripe.
  • The program must be a "paid" program. You can set this in the Program Settings:



Once the above conditions have been met, you will be able to access the Price tab in the Program Settings.


Add a Purchase Plan

Add a Purchase Plan to set a price for your program. You can add multiple Purchase Plans, for example:

  • you may have an reduced "early bird" price available between specific dates, plus a "standard" price available after those dates
  • you may have different pricing for different users groups. NOTE: this function is only available to logged in purchasers, as user group pricing relies on Academy knowing if the user belongs to specific user groups. This is not possible in the publicly available catalogue (before login).


Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be added to the price that you set. Additional tax settings are coming soon.

User Group Pricing

User user group pricing if you want to offer different prices to purchasers, based on information/properties of the purchaser. For example, you may wish to offer discounted pricing to membership groups.

After you have saved your Purchase Plan, the option to enable user group pricing will be displayed:


Add user groups to limit the Purchase Plan to purchasers who belong to the selected groups.

Discount Codes & Multi Seat Discounts

You can also add discount codes or multi seat discounts for specific purchase plans. You can do this via the Discounts tab:


Read more about setting up discount codes and multi seat discounts here.