Program Settings - Program Offboarding

Wrap up and conclude a program using Academy's Program Offboarding feature.


Program Onboarding introduces participants to their program and guides them through the introductory information they need to get a great start to their learning. 

On the other hand, Program Offboarding is designed to conclude and wrap up the program.

We're just getting started on our Program Offboarding features - we have heaps more planned for this feature in the product roadmap, so keep an eye out for updates!

For right not, find out more about how to implement Offboarding in your programs below.


Program Offboarding is available in the Program Settings, right under the Onboarding:


Each of the Offboarding sections is explained in more detail in the table below. At the end of this article, view Offboarding as it is displayed to the learner/participant.

NOTE: The Program Offboarding is not visible to the participant/learner until AFTER they have completed all required activities and submissions.

Description Prior to Offboarding Completion Text: This message displays at the top of the screen AFTER the participant has completed all required activities and submissions, but BEFORE they have completed the required Offboarding tasks.
Description Post Offboarding completion Text: This message displays after the participant has completed all required Offboarding activities.
Wrap Up Message

The Wrap Up message can be plain text, or it can be a message from one of the program facilitators or coordinators.

If it is from one of the facilitators or coordinators, then that facilitator's profile picture, name and position will be displayed in the message.

Wrap Up Video

Add a Wrap Up video. The video can be required or optional.

If it is required, the program will not be complete for the participant until they have watched the video.

Edit the video to change the required/optional flag.

Program Evaluation

Overtime, we will be introducing more evaluation features to the Offboarding but for now, you can:

  1. Include a learner satisfaction or NPS (Net Promoter Score) question
  2. Ask learners to rate the alignment of the program learning objectives to what the program actually delivered.

Reports showing the data collected by these questions are in the Platform-wide Reports available from the home screen (to users with the relevant permissions). The reports are the:

  1. Learning Impact Report
  2. Program Evaluation Report

Example screenshots from both have been included below.

Link to External Evaluation

Add a link to an external evaluation tool/survey. Clicking on the Evaluation link can be required or optional.

If it is required, the program will not be complete for the participant until they have clicked on the link.

Edit the link to change the required/optional flag.

Show Program Badge

If the participant can earn a badge on completion, the badge will display here. 

There are two different messages - one that will display before the participant has completed the program and one that will display after.

After the program is complete, the participant can share their badge on LinkedIn (if enabled) or download their certificate (if enabled).


Program Wrap Up - Display to Learner/Participant

For a learner/participant, the Program Wrap Up (Offboarding) looks like the example below. It's the last tab in the left menu:


Learning Impact Report Example


Program Evaluation (Learning Objectives) Report Example