Program Settings - Tools Tab

In the Tools tab, you can shift all your program dates and replace all your program content.


Shift Program Dates Tool

The Shift Program Dates tool allows you to move all your program's dates -(including program start and finish dates, session dates, access dates, lock dates, due dates and reminder dates) forward in time.

The purpose of this tool is to allow for unexpected schedule changes that mean the entire program has had to be delayed by X number of days. By using this tool, all your dates will be shifted by X number of days in one go.

Replace Content Tool

The Replace Content Tool will delete ALL the pages, sections, content and tasks from your program and replace them with the pages, sections, content and tasks from another program or program template. 

You may only use this tool if the program is NOT YET active active. The Lock Classroom setting in the Details tab must be enabled for active programs before using this tool.

The purpose of this tool is to update your program content if it has changed significantly since you first created the program, but before anyone has started it.

For example, if you publish your full course calendar 12 months ahead of time, then you may find your course content needs to be updated in response to changing circumstances or industry developments.