Adding Content to Pages and Sections - Content

Find out how you can add different content into your learning to get the most out of your courses.


There are three types of objects that you can add to a section/page as tasks or activities for your participants:

  • Content
  • Tasks

  • Questionnaires (coming soon)


Add content to sections/pages via the +New button:

Types of Content

Adding Content to Pages and Sections - Content1

The six types of content that you can use to construct your program pages/sections are:

Interactive Learning

These are modules or experiences imported from Guroo.Pro. Read more about accessing and publishing learning experiences.


Videos can be:

  • added via a YouTube link. You will also need to add a thumbnail.

  • added via a Vimeo link. You will also need to add a thumbnail.

  • uploaded as an MP4 file. In this case you will need to add a thumbnail, and can optionally add captions and a transcript.


Downloadable diagram.


Downloadable document.


Link to a website.


Adding text to your page will help orient participants, providing additional information, context, guidance, instructions etc. You can add text anywhere on the page, and you can add as many text blocks as you like.

Embedded Web Objects

Create and publish learning material from external tools straight into Guroo Academy with our Embeded Web Object feature. 

Audio Podcast

Upload an audio file (for example, a podcast). The audio can be played and tracked from the page.

All content has a title and description and can be flagged as Required or Optional.