Enabling and configuring the collection of dietary preferences

The collection of dietary preferences for catering at face-to-face courses.


Face-to-face programs (blended programs with face-to-face components) often cater lunch and/or snacks, so there is often a need to collect information about the dietary preferences of participants.

There are several steps and settings involved in setting up this feature.


Step 1: Enable and configure the dietary preference profile fields

Academy’s User Profile includes specific fields designed to collect dietary information. The fields are:

Menu Type Preference

Used to collect information about the participant’s overall diet. For example, vegetarian or vegan.

Allergies and Restrictions

Used to collect information on specific dietary restrictions. For example, a peanut allergy or a gluten intolerance.

Other Comments

A free text field that can be enabled to collect any other relevant information not captured by the menu preference or restrictions.


To enable the fields:

  1. Go to Portal Settings > User Profile

  2. Enable the dietary profile fields by adding them

  3. Edit the fields to set your preferred drop down options for the Menu Type Preference and Allergies and Restrictions fields

  4. We recommend keeping these fields optional for the participants.

Enabling and configuring the collection of dietary preferences1

Step 2: Enable the dietary section in the Program Onboarding and the dietary report

For any program where you need to collect dietary information, you will need to enable:

1. The Program Onboarding screen for collecting dietary information from participants. It will look like this:

2. You will also need to enable the Dietary Report in Program Settings. This will enable a special report in the Class List. The report can be exported (for sending to caterers).

Step 3: Edit participants' dietary preferences on their behalf

If a participant contacts you directly to discuss their dietary requirements, Program Coordinators can edit the participant’s preferences on their behalf via their profile in the Class List.